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Nissan Skyline R32 Coupe Clear DIY Tail Light Lenses

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These lenses are made to order and have a processing time of 1-2 weeks


What's Included?:

- One full set of circular lenses (4, turn signal not included) to replace the factory lenses on the OEM R32 Coupe Tail Lights
Tail lights are NOT included!

Special Notes:

These are OEM reproduction replacements of the factory lenses in clear material. 

Due to the replacement casting material, applying a UV resistant clear coat is recommended to prevent long-term yellowing from UV degradation/exposure.

For the R32 lenses, we decided to separate the middle connecting bridge that normally connects the two circles to reduce risk of damage in shipping. Please do not buy this if this is an issue. Left side and right side connected bridges are different to help discern the sides. 

Custom Orders:

Custom orders/colors are available, but please email us before ordering.

Reference Material:

How to remove the factory lens tutorial here

Installation instructions are easy - 

Pre-check: Lenses with the "Nissan" logo go on the outside. Lenses with the "IA" logo go on the inside. 

1. Heat up lights in an oven to 180-200F (heatgun w/ slow application also works)

2. Using flathead screwdriver (or other pry tool), slowly pry original lens out

3. Reheat light to 200F to soften butyl, add additional butyl sealer (3M window weld, etc, recommended to ensure no leakage), if desired

4. install replacement lens, reinsert screws. 


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