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2016+ honda civic hatchback spoiler extension - epsilon+

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Epsilon+ rear spoiler extension for the 10th generation Civic Hatchback.

  • “Gurney Flap” style add-on: Our simple design works with your OEM spoiler to provide downforce and stability at speed.
  • Mounted with screws for durability: The extension solidly threads in to your spoiler at 4 points, with extra tape to protect your paint. No more peeling 3M tape after a few seasons!
  • CNC machined aluminum supports: Four 6061 aluminum supports keep the extension stiff and impart our signature aggressive aesthetic.

Made from specially-sourced ABS. Textured micro hair cell on topside and smooth on the other. Minor imperfections on the smooth side may be present and is left un-processed to keep prices low. Extension blades can be painted over or left in its raw finish. Includes all hardware needed to install. 


please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping out.