What is NTXGLOW?

NTXGlow is a custom automotive lighting company that started in north Texas by Zac Cook as a hobby that turned into a business.  We have been building custom lights since 2015 and have built a wide range of lights. 

Can you build any lights for any car?

Yes, most automotive lights are built the same way so we can build any lights that you have. 

How much to customize my lights?

Price depends on what all you want done, please visit our pricing page to get an idea of what your build could cost. 

How long is the turn around time?

We have a turn around time of 8 - 16 weeks for any custom led lights (Illumaesthetic or color shifting).

clear lens turn around time is estimated 4-16 weeks.

im figuring out how to get help so that we can speed up our build times. 

***build times are an average of all of our builds and can take longer*** 

Is there a warranty?

Of course! 1 year full warranty, anything that goes wrong with the lights we will take care of the shipping to us, repair what needs to be repaired and take care of the shipping back to you. (DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED) After 1 year, the customer is responsible for the shipping to us and we will  cover everything else. 

Is there a phone number I can call?

No, Sorry but when we had a number that could be called I couldn't get any work done because I was on the phone all day.

Its been several days and you haven't emailed me back.

We have gotten your email but due to the volume of emails that we get on a daily basis its taking us about a month to get back to you. 

Can you show me a picture of the lights that I want. 

In most cases, we can not. If you do not see a picture of what your looking for on our instagram @ntxglow then we don't have a picture to show you but I promise we can still build it. 

Can you photoshop my build?

I do not know how to photoshop so unfortunately no.