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Next Level Neo

Angry Eye RGB Halos - Includes Controller With DRL and Turn Signal Inputs

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Elevate your vehicle's presence with the unique Angry Eye RGB Halos from Next Level Neo. As our inaugural design, now available in stunning RGB, these halos are not just an accessory; they're a statement. Boasting superior diffusion, unmatched brightness, and the cleanest white light, our RGB halos set the benchmark in the market.

Exceptional Light Quality:

  • Our RGB halos shine brighter and with better diffusion than any other diffused RGB halo available, ensuring your vehicle stands out in both clarity and style.

Advanced Control System:

  • Each halo is complemented with a driver featuring both DRL and Turn signal inputs, ensuring seamless integration with your vehicle’s lighting system.
  • Note: A driver must be used between the halo and the controller to maintain warranty validity.

Easy-to-Use App Interface:

  • Included in the package is our user-friendly RGB controller, compatible with the widely-used Magic Light app. This intuitive setup brings ease to customizing your lighting.

Durable and Adaptable:

  • Engineered to operate smoothly from 10-16 volts.
  • For enhanced durability, the contact pads(on back of the halo) can be covered with Gorilla glue contact adhesive, making the setup effectively waterproof.

Package Inclusions:

  • 2 Angry Eye RGB Halos
  • 2 Drivers with DRL and Turn signal wires
  • 1 RGB controller compatible with the Magic Light app

Warranty and Assurance:

  • Confident in our product's quality, we offer a standard 2-year warranty. Please note, this does not cover damage due to cut wiring.
  • In case of any issues, the unmodified defective unit must be returned to Next Level Neo for a replacement.

Discover the difference with the Angry Eye RGB Halos and transform your vehicle’s appearance with the leading edge of lighting technology. Get yours today and light up your journey with Next Level Neo.