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Next Level Neo

Color Flow RGB 5mm Leds - WS2812b RGB

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Elevate your illumaesthetic projects with Next Level Neo's Addressable RGB LEDs, designed to bring dynamic and vibrant lighting to your custom builds. Perfect for those looking to upgrade from single-color LEDs, these addressable units offer a rainbow of possibilities when paired with a controller like BlueGhozt. This listing is for the LEDs only, allowing you to integrate them into your existing illumaesthetic plates or purchase plates separately from illumaesthetic.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance:

  • Our LEDs are the WS2812B type in RGB color order, ensuring a broad spectrum of colors for your project.
  • Each LED includes built-in capacitors to protect against power fluctuations and the flickering issues commonly seen in other brands.

Product Options and Compatibility:

  • Choose from packs of 100 or 500 LEDs to suit the scale of your project.
  • Please note that these LEDs are 5V and will require inverters for proper operation.

Installation and Use:

  • While these LEDs offer fantastic possibilities for customization, they are not plug-and-play. We highly recommend watching the tutorial video linked in the pictures to fully understand the installation process before purchasing.
  • Ideal for users who are comfortable with DIY projects and have experience in soldering and electronics.

Soldering Recommendations for Optimal Performance:

  • To prevent damage during soldering, we suggest using a soldering iron at 350°C and limiting contact with the LED pins to no more than 2 seconds.

Warranty and Quality Assurance:

  • Due to the delicate nature of these LEDs, we do not offer a warranty on this product.
  • Rest assured, each LED is rigorously tested before leaving our factory to ensure quality and functionality.

Transform your lighting projects with Next Level Neo's Addressable RGB LEDs and bring a new level of color and dynamism to your illumaesthetic builds. With these LEDs, the only limit is your imagination!