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Illumaesthetic Honda S2000 - Gauge Faces (AP1)

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New from Illumaesthetic, AP1 Honda S2000 gauges are here! 


- 1 Gauge Face
- 5 (five) reversible white T5 LED bulbs
- ~16 inches of aluminum tape
*A whole gauge cluster is not included.

Customization Options:

- full customizable color options
- gradients/hard color changes
- logos and designs can be added (additional charges may apply) 
- simple, reversible install (can be returned to OEM if necessary)

Special Notes:

This not a full gauge cluster replacement. A whole gauge cluster is not included in this product. These are full plastic replacements for the original gauge faces. The cluster needs to be removed and disassembled in order to install the new gauge faces.  Any design changes from any pre-designed gauge face will be considered a custom order. Please refer below.

Custom Orders:

This product is HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL on how we choose to allow for customization

When ordering custom gauges, please be AS descriptive as possible - For Example:
"I want the speedometer to be green, odometer to be orange with my logo (attached), I want both the temp and fuel to be blue, with the red on the ends to indicate empty fuel and hot temperature, with no gradient. For the tachometer, I want it green from 0-5000 RPM, yellow from 5000-7000 RPM, orange from 7000-8500 RPM, and Red from 8500-9000 RPM"

Custom orders can range anywhere from $180 to $300 depending on the complexity of the artwork. Please send us an email or contact us prior to submitting a request for a custom order.

Reference Material:

View an installation tutorial here.
View a functionality test video here.


For any questions and concerns about any products, please feel free to contact us or drop us a line on Facebook. Thank you!