Wicker Bill Install

Wicker Bill Install

A Wicker Bill spoiler is a Spoiler extension designed to change the look of the existing spoiler. 

All Wicker Bills are designed to install onto the existing spoiler using Rivnuts.

*** PLEASE make sure you are using the correct lip spoiler. The BBM spoiler looks like it might fit but the OEM lip spoiler is smaller and actually bolts up to the trunk. ***

 This is the spoiler that we get asked most if it would work, ^^^ this spoiler will not work. It will BREAK the wicker bill, don't ask how we know. 


This is the correct spoiler, Before installing your wicker bill please make sure that you are installing to this spoiler. 


Install Timelapse:




For this install you will need the following tools:

  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Screw driver (Hex screw driver if using provided hardware)
  • Rivnut tool
  • Tape measure
  • Marker
  • Automotive safe masking tape (optional)
  • Center punch (optional)


To start if you want to minimize damage done to your OEM Spoiler we recommend Taping the Spoiler on the side where the Wicker bill is being installed.

Step 1:

Find the center of the OEM Spoiler using a tape measure. 

Step 2:

Mark the center of the OEM Spoiler using a Marker

Step 3:

Measure and mark the exact location of all of the bolt holes using the Center line to help. (note: the wicker bill is designed to Run evenly with the OEM Spoiler, if it is resting on the trunk its to low)

Step 4:

using the Wicker bill double check that all of your marked holes line up.

Step 5:

Triple check the holes

Step 6: 

No really go check them

Step 7:

Drill all of the holes (to make sure that your drill bit does not walk or move while drilling use a center punch)

Step 8:

Using a Rivnut tool, Install the Rivnuts

Step 9:

Bolt the Wicker bill on



Please note:

NTXGlow is not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle.


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