2018 Mustang Style Clear Color shifting tail lights

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The tail lights will fit the 2015 - 2020 mustang, they are based on the 2018 style tail lights 

What’s included: 

  • Brand new s550euro 2018 mustang tail lights 
  • Ntxglow modded color shifting leds 
  • blueghozt Bluetooth controller 
  • custom made plug n play harness to connect the blueghozt module to the lights. 

Please note: 

*for off road use only*
**blueghozt controller REQUIRES 12v at all times, there will be more than enough wire to hook up the blueghozt controller** 
***fitment may vary, gasket modification may be needed in few applications***

****please allow 8 to 12 week from time of order for them to be built****