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Next Level Neo

Color Flow 8mm Rigid Strips- UCS2904 RGBW

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Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional addressable LEDs with Next Level Neo's UCS2904 Digital RGBW LED Strips. Our commitment to innovation and quality has led to the development of these advanced LED strips, which stand as a testament to reliability and luminance in the world of addressable lighting.

Revolutionizing Addressable LEDs:

  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with robust external controllers attached to the PCB, these LEDs are engineered to withstand voltage spikes and power drops, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Enhanced Durability: The semi-rigid design aids in heat dissipation, accommodating the higher 17ma current draw (as compared to the 12ma draw of SK6812 LEDs).

Unmatched Brightness and Stability:

  • With 40% higher amperage than SK6812 LEDs, our UCS2904 strips offer unparalleled brightness, making them a superior choice for any lighting project.
  • The use of an external IC chip further enhances the brightness and stability of these LEDs over traditional options.

Product Specifications:

  • Voltage: Stable at over 16 volts and designed to run on 12 volts, eliminating the need for inverters and ensuring resilience against voltage fluctuations.
  • Design: Each 1-meter strip comprises 40 pixels with 120 RGBW LEDs on an 8mm wide rigid PCB board, offering a sleek and efficient design.
  • Color Temperature: Features a cold white 6500K CCT for a crisp, modern lighting effect.
  • Flexibility: Made of semi-flexible rigid PCB material, the strip can be easily customized with wire cutters, featuring cut-lines every three LEDs for precise adjustments.

Installation and Compatibility:

  • Easy Customization: Solder to the 0.1" copper pads on the back for a seamless installation experience.
  • Color Order: GRBW, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of lighting setups.

Purchasing Details:

  • Strips are sold by the meter and shipped as two half-meter strips for added convenience.

Warranty and Assurance:

  • Our UCS2904 LED strips come with a standard 2-year warranty on all unmodified units. If any defects arise, simply return the unaltered unit to Next Level Neo for a replacement.

Embrace the future of addressable LED lighting with Next Level Neo's UCS2904 Digital RGBW LED Strips, where innovation meets unmatched performance and durability.