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Next Level Neo

Color Flow Halos - RGB

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At Next Level Neo, we're always striving to push the boundaries of LED technology. Our latest offering, the RGB Color Flow Halos, is a testament to this commitment. Understanding the preference for a more refined, less blocky appearance in halos, we've developed these with 25% more LEDs for exceptional diffusion and a sleeker look. These halos are perfect for those who seek a more evenly distributed light without sacrificing the dynamic color flow effect.

Innovative Design for a Smooth Look:

  • The increased LED density allows for a more evenly diffused light, eliminating the 'blocky' appearance common in traditional halos.
  • Our special coating technique enables these RGB LEDs to produce a clean 6k white light, a rare feat for RGB LEDs.

Compatibility and Control:

  • While these LEDs are not compatible with our DIY controller, they are perfectly suited for use with BlueGhozt and nearly all SP controllers, offering flexibility in setup and functionality.
  • The GRB color order of these LEDs makes them an ideal match with SK6812 RGB strips, allowing for seamless integration in multi-element lighting designs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: These LEDs operate on a 5V system, ensuring efficient and safe usage.
  • Color Order: GRB, enabling a wide range of vibrant color possibilities.

Warranty and Quality Assurance:

  • Next Level Neo stands by the quality of our products with a standard 2-year warranty on all unmodified Halos. We ensure peace of mind with your purchase.
  • In the event of any issues, simply return the unmodified, defective unit to Next Level Neo for a replacement.

Upgrade your lighting game with Next Level Neo's RGB Color Flow Halos and experience the perfect blend of advanced diffusion, dynamic colors, and modern aesthetics. These halos are not just about lighting; they're about elevating your vehicle's presence with elegance and cutting-edge technology.