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Color Shifting Spec D Tail Lights - 10 - 16 genesis coupe

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We take regular genesis coupe spec D tail lights and add some extra flair to them!

  • Brand new flat black housing spec D tail lights (we use the flat black spec D tail lights for the white inserts)

  • Color Chasing controlled by blueghozt’s bluetooth controller.

    • controlled by your phone you can control everything that they tail lights do, the type of parking light, the color of the parking lights, the type and color of the turn signal, and custom show modes. 

  • 5th Jewel option is when we remove the inner most reflector and create and install a another piece of acrylic + leds behind it so that the light looks much more complete. 
  • We also offer to open and shave the side markers and paint the inner housing any 2 colors you would like (the main down side to this is that due to the level of difficulty for opening these in order to actually get to the inner housing, this level of spec d lights does cause fitment issues on the vehicle)

Please note:

These lights are intended for show or off road use only. Please check your local laws about using modified lights on the streets.

We do leave some of the functions of the factory spec d tail light such as the sequential turn and the center brake lights to allow you to drive without getting pulled over.