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Next Level Neo

RGB Strips - Includes New Single Box Controller

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Unleash your creativity with Next Level Neo's Modular RGB Strips, the ultimate solution for custom lighting needs. Our RGB strips are designed for those who desire flexibility without compromising on quality and functionality. Transform your vehicle or project space with these versatile and customizable lighting strips.

Key Features:

  • Cuttable Design for Custom Shapes: Tailored for customization, these strips can be cut to your desired length, with solder pads on the back for easy reattachment and shaping.

  • Innovative RGB Driver/Controller: Equipped with inputs for both DRL and turn signals, our advanced controller integrates seamlessly with your vehicle for a cohesive lighting experience.

  • Versatile DRL Compatibility: Our DRL feature caters to a broad voltage range (6-15v), eliminating the need for additional relays in vehicles with low-voltage DRL systems.

  • User-Friendly App Control: Adjust and manage your lighting with ease using the widely recognized and intuitive Magic Light app.

Warranty and Support:

  • 2-Year Warranty on Controller: While we cannot offer a warranty on strips that have been cut, our commitment to quality ensures a 2-year warranty on the controller. If you encounter any issues, return the defective controller to Next Level Neo for a swift replacement.

  • Pre-Cutting Testing: To ensure utmost satisfaction, we advise testing the strips and controller for proper functioning before any modifications are made.

Elevate your lighting project with Next Level Neo's Modular RGB Strips – where flexibility, innovation, and quality lighting converge. Get yours today and start creating a lighting experience that’s uniquely yours.