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Next Level Neo

06-08 Dodge Ram Color Flow Boards - 12v UCS2904 RGBW

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Elevate your '06-'08 Ram beyond the conventional with our advanced UCS Color Flow LEDs. While others merely shine, our LEDs blaze with unmatched brightness, ensuring your Ram stands out even in bright daylight.

🔆 Exceptional Brightness: With UCS technology, experience a luminosity that surpasses all competitors. Be it sunny days or lit events, your Ram is destined to be the star.

💡 Tailored Fit: This kit is designed specifically for the '06-'08 Ram, ensuring a seamless fit and fuss-free installation.

💼 Effortless Installation: This kit intuitively replaces standard color flow boards, but with the added advantage of unrivaled brightness.

📦 Complete Set: Kits are sold in sets to ensure full coverage - 4 halos tailored for both the Left and Right lights.

🔄 Compatibility Plus: These kits effortlessly synchronize with BlueGhozt, and our specialized Color Flow LED Controller with Vehicle Inputs. Controller is needed to function.

🎨 GRBW Color Order: Seamlessly compatible with both our UCS2904 and SK6812 RGBW Halos and strips, as well as our unique Halos and Rigid strips. (When mixing with other LEDs, Kindly ensure correct voltage to each component.)

🔌 Voltage Alert: This UCS2904 version operates on 12v; ensure you provide the precise voltage for optimal LED performance.

2-Year Warranty: We stand behind our product. Any unmodified defective units will be covered under our 2-year warranty, simply return for a hassle-free replacement.

For those seeking to distinguish their Ram from the crowd, our UCS Color Flow LEDs aren't just a choice—they're the best choice. Upgrade today.