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Next Level Neo

5mm Round Top Ultra Bright LEDs - Dual Color

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Revolutionize your vehicle's LED layout with Next Level Neo's 5mm Dual Color LEDs. Break away from the conventional multi-section design and embrace the simplicity and brilliance of dual functionality.

Our premium LEDs are crafted to shine exceptionally bright, even in daylight conditions. Whether you're indicating a turn, hitting the brakes, or reversing, these LEDs provide clear and vivid signaling for enhanced on-road safety.

Dynamic Color Options:

  • Red/Amber: Perfect for turn signals and braking functions.
  • Red/White: Ideal for combining brakes and reverse lights.
  • Amber/White: A versatile choice for turn signals and reverse lights.

Key Features:

  • Daylight Visibility: Engineered for outstanding brightness to ensure visibility in any lighting condition.
  • Seamless Compatibility: These LEDs pair perfectly with advanced sequencers like the Ghozt v5 and Corso Motion, offering a smooth and synchronized lighting experience.
  • Cutting-edge Design: With dual-color options, customize your lighting to suit your style and functional requirements without the clutter of separate sections.

Installation and Understanding:

  • We’ve made learning about these LEDs easy. For a comprehensive guide on how these innovative LEDs work, please watch our informative videos: 5mm Dual Color LEDs and Full 5mm Lineup.

Embrace the superior clarity and multifunctional capabilities of Next Level Neo's 5mm Dual Color LEDs, and let your vehicle communicate with confidence under any sky.