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Next Level Neo

5V 1.5A Micro Inverter With Quick JST Connects

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Compact Power with Seamless Installation: The Perfect Micro Inverter for Your LED Projects


Introducing the pinnacle of convenient and efficient LED powering: our 5V 1.5A Micro Inverter. Is designed with the SK6812RGBW LEDs in mind, it flawlessly powers up to 100 LEDs – making it ideal for setups with as much as three 80mm halos. Say goodbye to soldering, with our JST quick connects that promise an easy, solder-free installation. Encased in a durable shrink tubing sleeve, this inverter ensures safety and longevity while maintaining its compact footprint.

Key Features

  • Optimized for SK6812RGBW LEDs: Achieve consistent, vivid illumination with an inverter tailored for your LED requirements, supporting up to 100 SK6812 LEDs with ease.(One standard 80mm halo has 30)

  • Hassle-Free Installation: Benefit from JST quick connects, enabling a smooth, solder-free setup that saves you both time and effort.

  • Compact Yet Protected: Designed for maximum portability without compromising on protection. Its shrink tubing sleeve safeguards against grounding out, ensuring extended lifespan and reliability.


  • Output: 5V, 1.5A
  • Compatibility: 5v LEDs
  • Coverage: Up to 100 SK6812 LEDs The Equivalent Of Three 80mm halos
  • Connectivity: JST Quick Connects
  • Protection: Durable Shrink Tubing Sleeve

Why Opt for Our 5V 1.5A Micro Inverter?

  • Precision Powering: Offers the exact voltage needed for maximum brightness and efficiency of your SK6812RGBW LEDs.

  • Installation Made Simple: No more soldering. With JST quick connects, you're assured of a straightforward, secure connection every time.

  • Built to Last: The protective shrink tubing sleeve not only offers an added layer of safety but ensures your inverter remains in prime condition for longer.

Illuminate your creations with ease and confidence, backed by the unmatched convenience and durability of our Micro Inverter.


Standard 2 year warranty, inverter must be in one piece, warranty does not cover dropped or crushed inverters. The defective Inverter will need to be returned for warranty replacement.