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Next Level Neo

Braggin Lightz RGBW Bluetooth Controller

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Our streamlined RGB Controller, designed for those who seek simplicity without sacrificing functionality. While the Morimoto XBT is a fantastic option for controlling multiple devices, our controller focuses on providing a plug-and-play solution for single-device setups, complete with convenient JST connections.

Efficient and Versatile Connectivity:

  • Equipped with 2 five-pin JST connectors, this controller is tailored for seamless integration.
  • To enhance its versatility, we include optional 5-pin to 4-pin adapters, making it compatible with LED Concepts' ColorMorph Demon Eyes, various Profile RGB devices, Demon Eyes, Angel Eyes, and Strips.

Custom and Reliable Design:

  • The controller is branded with the Braggin Lightz logo as our seal of approval, symbolizing quality and reliability.
  • Please note, an inline fuse will need to be added for safe operation.

Ease of Use:

  • This intuitive controller is designed for ease, making it perfect for enthusiasts who need a straightforward yet effective RGB control solution.

Warranty Assurance:

  • Your investment is protected with our standard 2-year warranty. Should you encounter any issues with your controller, simply return the defective unit to Braggin Lightz for a hassle-free replacement.

Ready to enhance your vehicle’s lighting with minimal fuss and maximum impact? It's time to 'Get Your Bragg On' with Braggin Lightz’s dedicated RGB Controller – your straightforward solution to single-device RGB control!