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Next Level Neo

Color Flow 15-21 WRX Clights - UCS and SK Variants

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Illuminate your WRX with personalized flair using Next Level Neo's drop in C-Light LED Panels. Tailored for the base 2015-2021 models, our drop-in panels offer a choice between the 5v SK6812RGBW LED and the ultra-bright 12v UCS2904RGBW LED.

Versatile Options for Your Style:

  • SK6812RGBW LED: For a straightforward installation process with less work, choose our SK variant for a hassle-free upgrade to your vehicle’s lighting.
  • UCS2904RGBW LED: Opt for the UCS variant if you're after the brightest output and crave the 12v input convenience, eliminating the need for an inverter. Though it requires a bit more effort to install, the UCS LEDs are unmatched in reliability and intensity.

Effortless Compatibility:

  • Both LED options are fully compatible with BlueGhozt and SP controllers like the SP105 and SP110, ensuring a smooth integration into your existing setup.
  • Our C-Lights come in a GRBW color order, perfect for matching with our UCS2904 and SK6812 RGBW Halos and strips, as well as our Hex and Rigid strips. Make sure to supply the correct voltage to keep things shining bright and right.

Product Specifications:

  • Voltage: SK6812 version runs on 5v, while UCS2904 lights up with 12v.
  • Sold as a Pair: Each order includes a left and right panel for a symmetrical look.
  • Installation Guidance: For insights and tips, check out our detailed installation video covering both LED variants.


  • Backed by our standard 2-year warranty on all unmodified boards. Should any issues arise with your unmodified unit, simply return the defective board and we will send a replacement.

With Next Level Neo's LED C-Light Panels, the power of choice is yours. Whether you prioritize ease of install or maximum brightness, we offer the best of both worlds. Illuminate your WRX journey today!