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Next Level Neo

Color Flow 8mm Flexible Strips - 5v SK6812 RGBW

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At Next Level Neo, we understand that the versatility of installation is key in custom LED projects. That's why we’ve introduced our new SK6812 RGBW LED Strips, designed on an 8mm wide flexible PCB. While we are proud of our UCS2904 range, these flexible strips offer an alternative solution for those spaces where rigid PCBs just don’t fit.

Enhanced Design for Maximum Durability:

  • Our strips use a thicker PCB with more layers of copper than our competitors, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Say goodbye to substandard products. Next Level Neo LED strips are built to last, setting a new standard in quality.

Innovative and User-Friendly Features:

  • Each strip features 144 individually addressable 5050 SK6812 RGBW LEDs per meter, providing vibrant and dynamic lighting.
  • Solder pads are conveniently located on both the front and back every three LEDs, allowing for easy customization and extension.
  • Each strip comes with a 1-meter long wire, complete with a standard JST input plug for seamless connectivity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: These are 5V strips, designed for safe and efficient operation. Correct voltage application is crucial for optimal performance.
  • Color Order: GRBW, ensuring compatibility with our SK6812 RGBW Halos and strips, UCS2904 products, and rigid strips.

Product Details:

  • This listing includes one 1-meter section of the flexible LED strip.
  • The strips feature 1-meter-long plugs with durable braided wiring for enhanced resilience and style.

Compatibility and Control:

  • Fully compatible with BlueGhozt, our DIY DRL Driver, and RGBW compatible SP controllers like the SP105 and SP110.
  • Seamlessly integrate these strips into a wide range of lighting projects with various control options.

Warranty and Assurance:

  • As with all our products, these strips come with a standard 2-year warranty on all unmodified units. Should you encounter any issues, the unmodified defective unit will need to be returned to Next Level Neo for a replacement.
  • We recommend testing the strips prior to cutting to ensure full warranty coverage.

Elevate your lighting setup with Next Level Neo's SK6812 RGBW Flexible LED Strips and experience the perfect blend of flexibility, durability, and vibrant lighting performance. Demand the best – choose Next Level Neo.