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Next Level Neo

Color Flow Braggin PODs 5v - UCS2904 RGBW

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Introducing the Next Level Neo UCS2904 LED Pods, a crucial addition to our diverse UCS2904 product lineup. These pods, designed with precision and reliability in mind, offer an advanced solution for anyone seeking to enhance their lighting setup with the durability and brightness of addressable LEDs.

High-Performance Design:

  • Each pod features a single LED on an addressable channel, mounted on a round PCB with a robust external controller.
  • With 25 pods on a strand and 3 inches of wire between each, installation is simplified and adaptable to various project needs.

Versatile Compatibility:

  • These 5V UCS2904 RGBW LED Pods are compatible with SK6812 RGBW LEDs, although power injection is necessary when used with 12V systems.
  • Standard JST plugs are included for easy plug-and-play integration with most addressable LED setups.
  • Fully compatible with BlueGhozt, our DIY DRL Drivers, and SP controllers like the SP105e and SP110e, these pods seamlessly fit into a wide range of lighting designs.

Advanced Technology for Unmatched Stability:

  • The use of an external IC chip ensures these pods offer higher brightness and greater stability compared to traditional SK6812 LEDs.
  • Designed to be stable at over 10 volts but optimized for 5 volts, these pods are resistant to voltage fluctuations.

Product Specifications:

  • Color Temperature: Cold white 6500K CCT for a crisp and modern lighting effect.
  • Color Order: GRBW, ensuring accurate and vibrant color rendering.
  • Material: Made from durable rigid PCB material.
  • Quantity: Each order includes a strand of 25 pods.

Warranty and Assurance:

  • We stand by our products with a standard 2-year warranty on all unmodified pods. Should any issues arise with your unmodified unit, simply return it to Next Level Neo for a replacement.

Experience the future of lighting with Next Level Neo's UCS2904 LED Pods. Say goodbye to the unreliability of traditional addressable LEDs and welcome a new era of stability and brilliance in your lighting projects.