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Next Level Neo

Color Flow High Output PODs 5v - RGBW

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Next Level Neo is thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in LED technology – the High Output SM16824E RGBW LED Pods. As part of our commitment to staying at the forefront of lighting technology, these pods represent a significant leap forward in terms of brightness and efficiency. Despite their compact size, these 15mm square circuits pack a powerful punch, thanks to the new SM16824E LED driver and high output COB XML LEDs.

Unmatched Brightness and Efficiency:

  • Each pod is capable of delivering up to 350ma per color, far surpassing the UCS2904's 17ma and SK6812's 12ma per color. This results in an incredibly bright output from a small PCB.
  • The pods are equipped with a cold white 6500K white CCT, providing a crisp and modern lighting effect.

Considerations and Compatibility:

  • While we are working on perfecting the technology, please note that these LEDs may flicker when transitioning to and from white. We are committed to finding a solution to this issue.
  • Due to the advanced technology and high output, these pods are more expensive to produce than our UCS pods. This should be considered when planning for a build.
  • These 5V SM16824E RGBW pods are compatible with UCS2904 and SK6812 RGBW LEDs, though power injection is necessary when used with 12V systems.
  • Fully compatible with BlueGhozt, our controllers with vehicle inputs, and SP controllers like the SP105e and SP110e.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: Each pod measures 15mm x 15mm, made of rigid PCB material.
  • Wiring: Includes 12 inches of wire between each LED.
  • Color Order: GRBW, allowing for a wide range of vibrant color possibilities.
  • Quantity: Each order includes 5 pods.

Innovation and Quality Assurance:

  • As with all our products, these pods come with Next Level Neo's standard commitment to quality and innovation.
  • We're excited to incorporate these new LEDs into our own builds and can't wait to see how they enhance yours.

Elevate your lighting project with Next Level Neo's High Output SM16824E RGBW LED Pods. These pods are not just an upgrade; they're a leap into the future of LED technology, offering unparalleled brightness in a compact, efficient package.

    Standard 2 year warranty on all unmodified pods. The unmodified defective unit will need to be returned for warranty replacement.