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Next Level Neo

Color Flow LED Controller W/ Vehicle Inputs

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Next Level Neo introduces a revolutionary solution for those seeking a balance between practical driving functions and dynamic show modes – our Driver Controller Combo tailored for 5v SK6812RGBW chip sets. This product is designed to fill the gap between high-end controllers like BlueGhozt and basic RGBW SP options, offering both essential road functionalities and eye-catching show modes in one package. Plus, it comes with an optional 5v 10amp inverter for seamless operation.

Two Variants for Tailored Functionality:

  1. Headlight Controller: Offers an animated Daytime Running Light (DRL) and Sequential Turn Signals, perfect for front-end lighting enhancements.
  2. Taillight Controller: Features an animated red DRL, a brighter red brake light with F1 strobe functionality, sequential turn signals, and a reverse input. Note: For vehicles where brake and turn signal wires are combined, a 2 to 3 brake controller is required for proper functionality.

Key Features and Compatibility:

  • Specially designed for use with 5v SK6812RGBW LED or UCS2904 chip sets(choose 12v for ucs and 5v for SK6812 RGBW). It's important to note that this controller is not suitable for RGB addressable chips.
  • The Magic LED app is required to control the Color Flow LEDs, adding an element of customization and ease to your lighting setup.
  • Our innovative design combines the LED controller with the driver in a single box, simplifying installation and reducing clutter.

Ease of Use and Installation:

  • The Driver Controller Combo is user-friendly and comes with clear instructions. For a more detailed guide on how to leverage its full potential, please watch our explanatory video.

Whether you're looking to enhance your vehicle's headlights with dynamic DRLs and turn signals or upgrade your taillights with multifunctional lighting, Next Level Neo's Driver Controller Combo offers the perfect solution. Experience the perfect blend of road functionality and spectacular show modes, all in one compact and efficient package.