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Next Level Neo

Color Flow Rigid Strips - UCS2903 RGB

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Next Level Neo is proud to present our UCS2903 RGB Rigid LED Strips, the brightest option in our extensive LED strip collection. Designed for those who demand exceptional brightness and reliability in their lighting projects, these strips are an expansion of our popular UCS lineup. Originally developed to complement our 5mm LEDs, these UCS2903 strips offer unmatched intensity and durability for a variety of applications.

Unparalleled Brightness and Quality:

  • Our UCS2903 RGB LED strips surpass the brightness of our UCS2904 (17ma) and SK6812 (12ma) options, operating at an impressive 25ma.
  • The strips are set in RGB color order, ensuring consistent color matching with our 5mm LEDs.

Robust and Reliable Design:

  • Each strip contains 144 individually addressable RGB LEDs on a rigid PCB, operating at 12V for efficient power usage.
  • The UCS2903 LED technology is known for its ultra-reliability, allowing you to undertake projects with complete confidence in their performance and longevity.

Product Specifications and Compatibility:

  • Voltage: These are 12V LED strips. It's essential to apply power correctly to ensure optimal functionality and safety.
  • Length: Sold by the meter, the strips are conveniently split into half-meter lengths for easier handling and installation.
  • Compatibility: Fully compatible with Ghozt and SP controllers, these strips seamlessly integrate into various lighting setups.

Quality Assurance and Warranty:

  • Next Level Neo stands behind the quality of our products with a standard 2-year warranty on all unmodified UCS2903 RGB Rigid LED Strips.
  • We recommend testing the strips before any cutting or modifications to ensure they have not been damaged during shipping. In the rare event of a defect, simply return the unmodified unit to Next Level Neo for a replacement.

Whether you're crafting a sophisticated lighting design for a vehicle, creating a dynamic display, or adding flair to a commercial space, Next Level Neo's UCS2903 RGB Rigid LED Strips are the ideal choice for projects where brightness and reliability are paramount.