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Ghozt Lighting

Ghozt Lighting Show Modules

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New! Add 30 pin headers  and 30 pin ribbon cables to make your Ghozt build infinitely easier and more managable! 

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Professional installation recommended! 

User Guide / Getting Started 

These sequencer modules can control large arrays of LEDs! These sequencers provide full control over LED arrays for running lights, sequential turn signals, brake signals, startup/shutdown animation, and show mode animation! 28 channels to control! Can even be customized to have multiple show modes, or multiple turn signals!

The LED sequencers are shipped to you default with no programming. This can be customized using our software, and flashed either by us or by you using your computer! Flashing the sequencer requires purchase of the PICKit3 programmer (sold separately).

Unit configuration will determine if input #1 will serve as brake light control or high-beam dimmer, and if running lights are at 100% (for headlights) or 60% (for taillights).

The Ghozt software is available here: (Win x64 / Win x32)
MPLABX IPE (For programmer to Ghozt unit) - Link 

Ghozt modules are sold as singles (1). We recommend a pair (2) for most tail light applications