Presale - Universal Stretchy Boot (BETA)

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I need testers!

Presale will ship in 2-3 weeks (have to get the product embroidered) 




Designed for shift rods that are 1/2 inch thick or smaller. If your vehicle has a shift rod that is larger than 1/2 inch let us know so that we can create a stretchy boot for that size. 


I have been testing out this product on my vehicle and my friends vehicles but I need to expand testing to different vehicles. 

The main thing im looking to learn from this test is if customers will be able to install the stretchy boot. 

That being said this is a Universal product and will require some trimming and cutting on the customers end in order to install it. 


If this test goes well we will offer the stretchy boots in different colors and will move into custom embroidery.  

Please visit the install process for details on the installation.

note: this Product will NOT work on auto vehicles and is only designed for manual vehicles.
special thank you to @_darkgen for being our auto tester.