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Next Level Neo

UCS2904 Flex, RGBW LED Strips on Semi-Rigid PCB

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Elevate your lighting projects with our UCS2904 RGBW LED strips, now enhanced with a 14% increase in brightness. Designed on a semi-rigid PCB, these 12V strips are perfect for various applications, delivering a vivid and consistent GRBW color output. Available in two widths to suit your specific requirements, these strips come equipped with JST connectors and pigtails for effortless setup and robust performance.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Brightness: Experience superior illumination with a 14% increase in brightness.
  • Versatile Width Options:
    • 12mm Strips: Feature 144 LEDs per meter, measuring 24 inches in length.
    • 8mm Strips: Packed with 120 LEDs per meter, also spanning 24 inches.
  • Semi-Rigid PCB: Offers limited flexibility; handle with care for optimal longevity.
  • Easy Connectivity: Equipped with JST connectors for both input and output, ensuring easy installation.
  • Pigtail Power Injection: Facilitates uninterrupted, powerful lighting across the entire strip.
  • GRBW Color Order: Guarantees vibrant and consistent color performance.
  • Suitable Length: Sold in 24-inch lengths, ideal for a variety of lighting applications.

Choose UCS2904 RGBW LED Strips For

  • Versatile Applications: Whether for creative projects or practical lighting needs, these strips are your ideal choice.
  • Brighter and Better: With enhanced luminosity, bring your lighting visions to life with greater intensity.
  • User-Friendly Installation: Enjoy a hassle-free setup process with user-oriented design features.
  • Quality and Reliability: Trust in the durability and performance of our UCS2904 LED strips for lasting brilliance.

Illuminate your spaces with the exceptional brightness and versatility of our UCS2904 RGBW LED strips. Perfect for those seeking quality and performance in their lighting projects.