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Next Level Neo

Ultra Bright Flexible RGB Color Flow Strips - UCS2903 RGB Infinity Mirrors

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Unleash a new dimension of brightness with our UCS2903 LED Strips, meticulously crafted to transform your infinity mirror projects and other creative endeavors. These strips are not just an addition to your setup; they redefine illumination standards with their superior quality and performance.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Brightness: Harnessing the power of NLN UCS2903 LEDs, known for their intense luminosity, these strips promise to elevate any space they occupy.
  • Infinity Mirror Mastery: Tailor-made for infinity mirrors, these strips banish the woes of dim reflections, providing a vivid depth that captivates and mesmerizes.
  • Flexible & Versatile Design: Featuring 144 addressable RGB LEDs per meter, mounted on a 20mm flexible PCB. This design not only offers adaptability but also unlocks endless creative possibilities.
  • Reliability Redefined: Equipped with the celebrated UCS2903 RGB LEDs, these strips are synonymous with durability and consistent output, ensuring long-lasting brilliance.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Designed to work flawlessly with Ghozt and SP controllers, integrating smoothly into diverse lighting systems.


  • LED Count: 144 per meter
  • Color Order: RGB
  • Power: 12V requirement
  • Strip Width: 20mm

Purchase Details:

  • Sold by the Meter: Tailor your purchase to your project needs, with the assurance of getting the finest in LED technology.
  • Pricing: Reflective of unmatched quality, the investment guarantees performance that speaks for itself.

Warranty and Assurance:

  • 2-Year Standard Warranty: We stand by our commitment to quality. Unmodified units come with a 2-year warranty, with a straightforward replacement process for any defects.


Experience the fusion of art and technology with our UCS2903 LED Strips. They're not just an upgrade; they're a gateway to a world where brightness knows no bounds. Ideal for infinity mirrors and beyond, these strips aren't just a purchase, they're an investment in unmatched quality and illumination.