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universal heart tint pattern

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This idea was brought to us by @adriannabollaro and it turn out amazing! 

We do not have every single tint pattern for all cars so we are offering a universal option for those vehicles that we do not yet have a tint pattern for. 

This is a universal product and WILL require trimming as the whole piece is 12 X 36. 

You will also notice that we have 2 different heart orientations you can choose from.
Tall or long,   
we did that because your tail lights may be designed to go up and down on the body of the vehicle (IE: trucks, or something like a 350z)

and some may be designed to go down the side (IE: small cars, or something like a genesis coupe) 

we oriented the hearts to face up on either orientation.

sold as a pair of 12 x 36 sheets.